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Different for Everyone

When you love someone and you feel their love in return, you might forget that how you “feel” love and how you “show” love is a product of all the life experiences that make you unique.   Although the intensity can be the same for someone else, and their intentions might be the same, nobody will feel it exactly like you do.  

Be open to the idea that there is no single way to feel and show the emotion.   Love is “Different For Everyone”

These links are carved from a single block of Tennessee pink marble


  The visual effect of two pieces of stone linked together can be startling.   Realizing that the two separate but unbroken links were carved from a single piece of stone is mesmerizing.   When seen for the first time, people get lost in the “how” the piece was created and can overlook the design, the “what” the artist is saying with the piece.   Rings, chains, and links, can be difficult to carve because each measurement and cut affects the geometry of the entire piece.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 5 in

   Marble Background Copyright: nopsang / 123RF Stock Photo
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