July 28 – Sept 3, 2023








                 Bob Madden                      Lila Turjanski-Villard               Karen Madden










Live 4 Art Gallery

20 Charles Coleman Blvd

Pawling, NY 12564


July 28 – Sep 3, 2023

 Friday        2:00pm – 6:00pm

  Saturday  11:00am – 6:00pm

   Sunday     11:00am -  3:00pm


Or by Appointment: 845.206.3298






          Rock and A Soft Place Studios presents SCULPTURE III, the 3rd annual all sculpture show at the Live 4 Art gallery in Pawling NY.


Three Hudson Valley artists come together to display their sculptural artworks embracing structure, movement, and grace, at Pawling’s Live 4 Art Gallery during August.

Lila Turjanski-Villard mixed media sculptures resonate with a unique blend of creativity, vision, and technical skill. Free movement dance and sculpture have been two passions in Lila’s life since her childhood The memories of that dance are stamped in her pieces. The themes of movement , space and communication are constantly present in her work. She likes to explore the suggestions of bodies in communication, in movement and in rhythm with space. Lila translates emotions and narratives into her work. For her, the completion of a piece is in the interpretation of the viewer once it becomes independent of her creative process.


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 Bob Madden is a master stone sculptor whose creations inspire awe.   He uses traditional tools of hammer and chisel to transform stone from a cold inanimate material into an engaging shape and form with stories to tell.   The subtle nuances of shape and texture contain clues to the inspiration for the piece, but full appreciation of the work comes over time as his works undergo the process of metamorphosis in changing light and shadows.                  


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Karen Madden’s sculptural medium is steel. She works the metal into graceful shapes and delicate curves and adds depth and dimension with color. Inspiration for her works comes from the drive to manipulate the metal into forms that ultimately reflect an abstract idea that presents itself in the twists and turns of the metal. With the ability to infuse her sculptures with depth through shapes and colors, Karen’s sculptures are visually captivating and engage viewers.


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