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    Tilly Strauss, is a teaching artist and art historian inspired by stories told by a long line of relatives. For several years she has been writing and illustrating a YA art history “text” book that starts at the beginning of time and is based on epochs as experienced by ancestors in the family tree. She just returned from three months teaching art history to high school sophomores in Switzerland.



One of my favorite projects






Currently I am organizing the various chapters of my history project, which involves working with new media, research into the indigenous culture of Iowa and NY, and reprinting a zine, called “Searching for Cranach”. The project tells the story of art through the eyes of ancestors out on limbs of the family tree.


During this year’s ARTmostNY event




During the weekend I will be working in acrylic on 9” oval wood panels, I will be painting the final, and 40th, panel in a series of family tree portraits.  Enjoy a refreshment, browse through the collection and watch me paint!