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As a jewelry maker and photographer, Iím drawn to color, texture, structure, and the play of light and shadow. I use metal in both mediums Ė with jewelry that includes sterling and fine silver, gold-filled, brass, and copper. I often print my photography on aluminum, whereby the image interacts with light and the grain of the metal to bring dynamic results. While my inspirations are many, nature is often the driving force, especially in photography.

In jewelry, I explore a variety of techniques. I fashion pierced cold connections Ė joining metal pieces with hammered rivets. I embellish by adding texture, stamps and wire work, as well as semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, and glass. Recently, Iíve been experimenting with applying patina to brass and copper by using the sunís heat.

In photography, I seek to capture images that have depth, layers, and straddle media Ė such as the painterly within a photography print. On any given day, the larger scape may be alluring; or, I may focus on the smaller details as they are revealed. My journey of discovery continues as I explore sections of the Maybrook Trailway and upper Hudson Valley.

During this yearís ARTmostNY event



During the ARTmostNY tour Iíll have several jewelry projects in motion over the weekend to demonstrate some of the techniques, tools, and materials that I use in my designs. I'll also have prints on display. Sparks of creativity usually fire freely and Iíll share some of my muses and welcome questions. Prints, jewelry, and photo greeting cards will be available for purchase.