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    My website reflects many of the many different kinds of photography I do, from fine art in the studio and landscapes on travels, to commercial work, including events, professional portraiture and photography of artwork for professional artists.


My tools are cameras, lenses and light regardless of the subject matter. In the studio for my satisfaction, I often work with flowers, creating portraits of the plants as well as organizing them in situations that give me pleasure. By that, I mean, I enjoy working with objects and arranging them with regard to colors and shapes and the emotional impact that they have on me.



One of my favorite projects






On of my favorite recent projects has been “Netherlandish-Inspired” Still Lifes. This began as a commission in 2020 where I studied (from books) paintings done in the style of Dutch painters in the 1600-1700s. Flowers and plants are a source of joy and stimulation for me. Gardening is a major part of my life and I have used much of what I have grown and gathered in these photographs. This kind of studio photography/artwork draws on so many different experiences in my life. I want to tell a story in the photo, from the surfaces, textures, backgrounds, objects and their relationships to each other and their collective meanings. Of course, the lighting it critical. I wish it to be sensual and give the viewer a feeling that they can reach in and touch.



During this year’s ARTmostNY event











During this year’s ARTmost event, I will either (or both) be printing and/or working with a still life. Creating the still lives requires space and often results in disorder and a bit of chaos, which is why shooting while having the studio open is challenging. Because I often work with long exposures and controlled lighting, working in daytime alters the photo because of the natural light that comes in during the day. Ahhhh, challenges, I love them.