Lonnaís website

†† As a photographer, I explore my world and interpret my surroundings. The world at large is my studio, my camera and computer my tools. I am curious, constantly being drawn to new locations and events. I explore the public domain and the ordinary and out-of-the-ordinary to interpret the emotions a scene evokes in me. Living in a semi-rural community I am surrounded by nature, yet at the same time I am drawn to the towns and villages of the Mid-Hudson and New York City, only a train ride away. My work is not digitally manipulated and is representative of my daily inspirations.

During this yearís ARTmostNY event


With grant funding from Arts Mid-Hudson, Iíve purchased a tent and am working on a moveable camera obscura. My idea is to bring the tent to different locations to photograph the surroundings. People are invited into the tent to see the projection. If in a town or urban area people walking and cars driving by are part of the projection.This is a work in progress as I experiment with different aspects of the process.

During the ARTmostNY tour this year,the tent will be set up for visitors to enter and experience this phenomenon. This works best on a bright sunny day soÖletís hope for the best weather that weekend!


A series of self-portraits is in process as are studio visits to artists that are participating in the May Open Studio Tour 2023. At each studio I photograph the artist in their element. When done I step into the projection. The result is a dreamscape.