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With the beauty of abstract art coming from the use of shapes, forms, colors and textures, I get energy by coaxing metal into forms that have a different look depending on which way they are viewed. My pieces have no set boundaries which reflects complexity but yet are graceful and thoughtful in the moment. I look to abstract art not to represent a specific object but rather to provoke a thought. The observer will see what they want to see – I’m only trying to get them to think about it.

During this year’s ARTmostNY event

My project for the ARTmostNY open studio tour will be a sculpture in the “Around The Bend” series. Visitors will be seeing me cutting, grinding/polishing steel in preparation for welding together in the creation of the piece. The design will consist of several twisting pieces that will be different colors. The challenge will be ensuring the pieces will fit together properly (some physics and accurate measuring needed).  By the end of Sunday, the piece will be ready for powder coating. About two weeks later, you’ll be able to see the finished piece on Instagram, Facebook or come back to the studio (by appointment) and see it in person.