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I work with wood because each piece of timber is unique, I find the varying lines of the grain to be absolutely beautiful, and I delight in the scent of wood shavings. I turn wood because I find symmetry to be so pleasing to my eye. Prior to woodturning, I would throw pottery on a wheel for the same reason. I find the creation of balanced shapes to be extremely gratifying.

During this year’s ARTmostNY event

During the ARTmostNY tour this year I am going to start with a block of wood (cherry or maple) and use my lathe to cut away a channel in the rim. I’ll fill the channel with natural items such as dried flowers, seeds, leaves and seashells then cover them all with clear epoxy. Once the epoxy dries, I will use my lathe to cut away excess wood and epoxy to create a beautiful bowl with a natural rim. The items in the rim will be frozen in time allowing us to enjoy their beauty forever.







Troiano_Cherry Tree with Rim of Nature