Johnís website

††† My artwork is self-expression that allows me to show things the way I see them, letting my imagination form different ideas. For me, it's losing myself in the emotion and movement that I use while painting.
I may have an idea in mind, but the abstracts are never started with a firm plan of the result, a primer color is laid down, sometimes a line down the middle of the canvas, then the spontaneous emotional probing, the pairing of color and shapes begin.

Lately Iíve been exploring a more restrained process building the painting with more planned elements.

Four years ago, after the birth of my granddaughter Max, I began a series of drawings. The drawings started with remembering drawing with my grandmother at the kitchen table, I keep them simple and fun so children of all ages can enjoy them

The drawings are an exploration of drawing, cartoon style, inspired by reality and reimagined. Drawn on a sketch pad, I scan and digitize the images to ďpaintĒ the picture digitally.

During this yearís ARTmostNY event


During the ARTmostNY tour this year, Iíll be working on a painting with guests, inviting everyone to participate, to add something, choosing your own color and what youíll add. The resulting painting will be exhibited at the July show at Live 4 Art Gallery in Pawling NY. The collaborative painting will be available for purchase by silent auction. The auction price will be donated to a local charity (yet to be determined). Suggestions?