Tour dates

MAY 7th & May 8th

11am to 5pm


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 ARTmostNY invites you to visit artists in the midst of their creative process.   ARTmostNY is a group of working artists who open their studio doors for two days during which you can visit while they work.  They want you to get a sense of their challenges in realizing their specific vision.  It might be dirty, noisy, and chaotic, but it will not be dull.

This year, ARTmostNY includes a plein air event on Saturday giving you a chance to see painters and illustrators working to catch specific lighting opportunities at outdoor locations.   Those same artists will open the doors to their studios on Sunday where you will see their Saturday works shown among the portfolio of their other works.    5/6/22 - UPDATED INFORMATION BELOW

Use the hyperlinks below to learn about each artist and see what type of project they expect to be working on during the tour.  




                                                                    2022 ARTmostNY artists

                     These studio based artists will be working in their studios on both May 7th and May 8th

Susan Bores Jewelry Design / Photography

Donna Castelluccio Mixed Media

Bob Madden Stone Sculptor

Karen Madden Metal Sculptor

Bill Prickett iPhonographer

Julie Troiano Wood Turner

Brian Wohrman Metal / Wood Sculptor


Man plans, and God laughs…..

Inclement weather will force the plein air artists to work in their studios on both Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th.     Same talented artists, same interesting work, just in a dry warm environment.


*Plein air Michael Garland Oil Painter

*Plein air Linda Puiatti Landscape Painter

*Plein air Ned Reade Watercolor Artist


For more information, contact:

Instagram- artmostny