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I love to create and this has taken me on many artistic endeavors, I like coming up with an idea and then the satisfaction of the end product meeting my expectations. I like to try things and Iím not afraid to make mistakes, I love to learn.

My focus now has been mixed media because itís anything goes and that can be so interesting! Fabric collage has become my main love. The colors, prints, textures and the wonders of vintage clothing, the workmanship, the history. A lot of what I do involves vintage materials. I get inspired as I sort through my bins of fabrics, laces and trims. Itís exciting to find complementary fabric and then the design process begins as I play with all the possibilities until I have a piece that is unique and pleasing to the eye.


One of my favorite projects

†††††††††††††††††††††††††† vintbook)





My favorite thing to make are fiber and lace books. They have a theme and I work around images. Every page is a work of art. I call these books interactive because some pages you need to adjust the pearls, sequins, curtains, etc. Itís beautiful and super tactile and you will always see something new with each turn of the page.

During this yearís ARTmostNY event


During the ARTmostNY tour this year, I will be starting a fabric book. Sat will be the basic bones and then the fun begins. The theme Ė Alice in Wonderland. Iím so excited about it, I hope I can wait until you get here.