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    I have always had a fascination with art and sculpture.  After buying my first Mig welder 15 years ago, I haven't looked back.  I find that the possibilities are endless when working with metal. I am able to shape and weld it to fit my creative ideas.  Along the way, I also found a connection with wood, which I find to be another material that lends itself to manipulation.  I truly love being able to express myself through my artwork.


One of my favorite projects






One of my favorite projects was this horse titled "Running Free"  This piece is made from 18 gauge steel with a copper verdigris finish.  My daughter rides and works with horses, so I have been around them for many years. Their strength and grace serve as the inspiration for this piece.

During this year’s ARTmostNY event



During the  ARTmostNY tour this Year, I will be working on an outdoor steel geometric piece that will compliment any landscape.  I am also planning a piece in wood that I will alternate working on with the steel piece during the tour. One thing that I love is to be able to showcase sculptures in the landscape  I find that many people have a hard time picturing how something will look in a setting with the proper lighting.  I have numerous sculptures incorporated into my landscaping and flower gardens so that people can see how they look in a natural setting.