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††† Stone is my choice of medium because it is perceived as a hard, cold, and unfeeling material,†† but when stone is presented as a soft or complicated shape, a person will react with amusement and amazement that opens their mind to new possibilities and prompts them to reexamine their views on the broader subject matter.††† For me the medium is first and foremost in the process and so I exclusively use stone to create artforms that represent my ideas.††


One of my favorite projects

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One of my favorite projects was this piece titled ďMaybe itís MobiusĒ.†† Incorporating the idea of a mobius strip, it was one of my early attempts to create a shape that folds back on itself, passes through an opening in the piece then rejoins itself in a long elegant continuous flow.†† Quite simply, as I shaped this piece, it shaped my view on what kind of stone sculptor I wanted to be.††† Abstraction with mind bending twists and turns featuring negative space to allow the viewer to see into and through the stone.††

During this yearís ARTmostNY event






During the ARTmostNY tour this year, Iím going to start from a block of soapstone and create a set of rings.Itís an aggressive project to do over a single weekend but over the years Iíve gotten so many questions about how this is done, Iíd like to share it with the ARTmostNY†† visitors.